Bringing Long Beach Learners and Educators together

Our goal at Long Beach Learning Hub is to make it easy for homeschooling families to connect with excellent teachers to enrich their children's program of study, and to make it easy for teachers to do what they do best....teach!  Simply put, we are the connectors; we are the hub!

Fair, equitable, and transparent

Long Beach Learning Hub is founded on the principles of fairness, equity, and transparency.  We are a sole proprietorship run on a volunteer basis by a Long Beach homeschooling parent, in service of local independent educators.  We are in the process of incorporating as a nonprofit organization.  Long Beach Learning Hub does not mark up the rental cost of classroom space, and business costs are shared equitably among participating educators on a per-semester basis.

Our Independent Educators

Erin Chianese

English Teacher

Erin Chianese has been teaching writing to homeschoolers since 1995. Her passion is reading and writing, which she loves sharing with children and young adults. As a homeschooling mom herself, she was one of six teachers in a small cooperative for elementary students. She was able there to begin her journey of creating her own writing methods and curriculum. She found that by hooking students into their own clever ideas, their interest is piqued, and they are willing to express those ideas in writing.  Further playing with words simply sparked vivid, clearer writing.

During her children’s adolescence, Erin wrote a regular column for six years, “Between 12 and 20,” for The Link Homeschool Newspaper. Honing her own writing skills gave her the experience to relate to other writers and the hard work of writing.  During that time, she also led book clubs for adults and children, as well as writing groups for children. In these latter groups, all participants shared writing and critiquing, successes and struggles. Now she strives to create a safe environment in her classes for students to feel comfortable sharing their opinions and precious writings. When Erin’s daughters left for college nine years ago, she focused her time on teaching literature and writing classes.

Her teaching philosophy still centers around challenging young writers to play with language. The more experience a student has with engaging in and stretching writing skills, the richer and smoother that writer’s articulation becomes. She has had the honor and delight to watch many of her students blossom in expression and master the art of writing.  Visit Erin online here.

Rosemary Cullinan

Cooking Teacher

Rosemary Cullinan is a dual career person who identifies both as an educator and chef. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from UC Riverside and her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Cal State Long Beach.

Her teaching experiences include public, private, and charter schools, as well as a small homeschooling co-op in which she taught History, Social Studies, Math, Writing, and Cooking.

As a former restaurant owner and chef, with extensive experience in restaurants, cooking is a life long passion for her.

"To be a  Cooking Teacher is a dream come true. I love working with children in the kitchen and am enlivened by their natural passion for cooking. My philosophy is that children can benefit in so many ways from learning this important life skill. So much of the food that comes across our path daily is processed and unhealthful. If this skill is acquired early in life, children can benefit from a lifetime of conscious, delicious eating."

Rosemary uses the cooking experience as a springboard for multiple learning opportunities. She incorporates math, as well as nutrition, the origins and cultures related to various foods, smart shopping, consumer awareness, and best practices in the kitchen.

"I foster a team spirit in the kitchen in which we all participate with this unifying goal to make a delicious meal. It is so gratifying to experience the cooperation and excitement that happens in the group cooking experience. At the end of class, when we all sit down together to eat, it's nothing but big smiles and pride in the accomplishment."

Ines Echegaray

Organic History Teacher

Hello. My name is Ines Echegaray. I've been working for over 25 years in education and the arts with children and families in the non-profit sector as a teacher and a grant writer and project coordinator. I have also taught in Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia and Constructivist Schools and Homeschooling Cooperatives for 30 years now. My background is not only in administration, grant writing, outreach, fundraising, volunteer coordination, office management, PR, teaching, activism and social media connection but in puppetry, film, multi-media installation, mural projects and Theater of the Oppressed. Aesthetics and community organizing inspire me as do having fun learning and activism. I have a deep commitment to outreach, connection, education, labor, sustaining artistry and finding/recognizing the intersectionality of art and social justice. I am here to share what i know and I intend to use it to help develop policy and work with the non-profits and learning environments I serve.

My experience with systems work is such that I have tried to use my knowledge to encourage creating circles of support in schools/learning centers and the non-profits I work share knowledge, grow better communication in community and to have a more direct effect on our learning and learning environments alongside the people we serve and to ultimately address power dynamics.

I am very excited about learning more in this class alongside your children and look forward to Praxis and working/learning in community with everyone here.

I work with a few non-profits. They are almost all learning organizations because they are trying to distance themselves from more traditional hierarchal organizations and working to give their workers or members more agency. I am happy that I can learn along-side my co-workers, co-leaders, co-teachers and co-artists in an environment that promotes growth, experimentation and innovation, to move away from the oppressive and toward more creative and supportive and constructive feedback. I co-founded Caminos, which is an Interactive Non-Violent Communication Puppet Theater. I am the Founder of the Ridgewood Heights Neighborhood Association, which is a power sharing collective. I am a Camp Fire leader/mentor for two groups and I teach grant writing to community groups and youth service organizations in Long Beach and surroundings through the City of Long Beach's Neighborhood Leadership Project.

My office is in Downey, CA but I live in Long Beach, CA, in the Pacific Time Zone. If you have questions, please feel free to text me at (562) 212-8820 as that is my preferred commuication - or - you can email me at and I will get back to you in 24 hours. I look forward to working together. In Solidarity, 🙂 Ines

Edward Stafford

Board Games and Music History Teacher

Before becoming a board game ambassador, Edward worked in the music industry for over 15 years.  He worked for RCA records just out of high school and was an Alternative Marketing Rep back when “alternative” was a new genre of music.  He managed a big box music retailer and several cool and hip indie record shops before the mass extinction of The Record Store in the early 2000s nearly wiped them off the face of the planet.  He also studied Ethnomusicology, opened his own record store just in time for MP3s to crash the CD economy, and ran a boutique jazz label whose recordings featured many world-class artists.  He also played in punk rock bands, DJed at bars and gallery openings, wrote music reviews and essays for several publications, and was a DJ and and Music Director at his university radio station.

After a long sabbatical from the world of music, Edward has decided to put his hard-earned and otherwise useless treasure trove of music knowledge to use.  His music appreciation class is inspired own kids’ discovery of music through memes, anime, and YouTube playlists, and the infotaining discussions that followed.

Edward holds a bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California.  He worked as a closed captioner for the hearing impaired for a decade before becoming a full time game master.  He lives in Long Beach with his lovely and patient wife, Sasha, their three children, four cats, one blind, diabetic dog, one ancient tortoise, and a bangin’ shrimp tank.  You can learn more about Edward's board game ambassadorship here.  Contact Edward directly at

Paula Tsoi-a-Sue

Math and Science Teacher

Paula majored in physical chemistry and minored in mathematics at UCLA. During her last year there she began coaching gymnastics in South Pasadena and grew to love working with the kids and helping them break skills down into manageable pieces.  When she began tutoring some students of the gym she adapted that teaching philosophy to math and science.  Paula believes that the key to success in learning is helping students trust in their own abilities.  She will work with you and your child to identify and address any gaps in learning in math and the physical sciences which will help them tackle new topics with confidence.  Email Paula here.